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Thank you for joining us. Amaya: A simple word, often used in a Vedic Sanskrit: Amaya- unto Me, or Me. We're proud to offer a variety of dishes from across India. To capture the full flavors of these dishes, we use fresh ingredients, free of preservatives or artificial food coloring, and present many vegan and gluten free choices. India's rich culinary heritage stretches over millenia, reflecting the numerous cultures that have shaped the entire region. From the vegetarian roots of ancient Vedic times, through the Middle Eastern influences of the Mughal era, to the culinary contributions of the Portuguese, French and British colonists, India's diverse regional cuisines have become richer with the assimilation of these various cultures. The result? A dining experience from around the world, like none other. Bon appetit (bhojanam swadishtamastul)!
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